Clément Hermann

Network/System Engineer

About Me

  • Senior System/Network Engineer - Site Reliability Engineer
  • Free and Open Source Software enthousiast
  • Debian Developer

:Nationality: French :Location: Grenoble (France), French-speaking Switzerland
:Driving Licences: EU categories A,B :Languages: fr (native speaker), en (fluent), de (basic)


3Bis -

Freelance Network/System Engineer & Architect - SRE

January 2020 - present

Coopérative d'Activité - Freelance Professionals Cooperative

Management of infrastructures, from drawing board to day-to-day ops:

  • Networks (Datacentre, WAN, Entreprise, SDN, Cloud, Interconnect)
  • Systems (Virtualized, bare-metal, containers…)
  • Cloud (Private/Public/Hybrid)
  • Devops (Infrastructure as Code, Workflow…)


  • Free Software / Open Source solutions
  • Linux/BSD/Unix** Systems
  • Open Networking
  • Infrastructure as Code

References on request

Virtua SA

Senior Network/System Engineer

March 2015 - December 2019 (Morges, Switzerland)

Open Minded Swiss Digital Agency (part of Smile Group since 2018 -

Network Infrastructure

  • Design & Management of a state of the art, BGP-only L3 Network Fabric, with a leaf-spine design, using Cumulus Linux whitebox switches, Mikrotik (WAN and DCi routers), OpenBSD and Debian

Systems Management (Internal tools and hosting services)

  • Day to day administration of the Hosting Infrastructure: Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS), SmartOS (system containers, standalone and in Triton/SmartDataCenter setups), and FreeBSD;
  • Design, deploy, operate and debug environment for in-house or customer coded applications (mostly web). Collaboration with software engineer teams (both in-house and customers’).

Environment: Haproxy, Nginx, Apache httpd, Varnish, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Prometheus….

Configuration Management and Automation: Saltstack, Ansible, Gitlab, Vagrant…

Eolas – Business & Decision Group

Leader Expert

May 2011 - March 2015 (Grenoble, France)

Web Agency and Hosting Services

Co-leader of Network infrastructure team

  • Management of a team of 5 people,
  • Design, maintenance and development of the network infrastructure: 3 Hosting & Housing datacenters, 2 network POPs, ~1300 managed servers (~800 virtual servers), ~500 vlans, NSP for the B&D Group (France and continental Europe, North Africa), Responsible for the WAN, L3 architecture and network filtering (Firewalls and DDoS Mitigation).

Leader of Security Team

  • Management of a team of 3 people,
  • Technological Watch, incident response, audits, penetration testing, guidelines, procedure and compliance documents writing.

Member of Technical Commitee

  • Design solutions and arbitrate technical issues,
  • Debian Expert, FLOSS solutions Expert, Scalability & HA expert

Eolas – Business & Decision Group

Infrastructure Project Manager

May 2008 - May 2011 (Grenoble, France)

Web Agency and Hosting Services

Co-leader of Network infrastructure team

  • Management of a team of 3 people
  • Design, maintenance and development of the network infrastructure: 3 Hosting datacenters, ~600 managed servers (~300 virtual servers), Eolas LAN;
  • Co-design the new network infrastructure using a MPLS/OSPF core and VPLS.

Security Expert

  • Incident response, Technical advisor, penetration testing, guidelines writing.

Member of the Datacenter Design Team

  • Participation in the design of a state of the art Green Datacenter (notably building security, intrusion prevention, cable management) in collaboration with Intel and Schneider. Writing of Eolas’ application as the first french French Endorser of the EU Code of Conduct for Energy Efficient Datacenters.

Eolas SARL - Business & Decision

System & Network Engineer

June 2001 - May 2008 (Grenoble, France)

Web Agency and Hosting Services

System & Network Administrator

  • Customers Technical support (L1, L2),
  • System Maintenance (System and application Installation, Software and Hardware maintenance), Heterogeneous environment (Windows/Linux).

E-mail solutions expert

  • Design and maintenance of the Corporate E-mail solution (Sendmail/Cyrus IMAP Murder cluster, distributed openLDAP directory, Canit-Pro – Mimedefang, Horde).


Debian Developer

The Debian Project is an association of individuals who have made common cause to create a free operating system. This operating system that we have created is called Debian.

I’ve been a user of Debian (Gnu/Linux) since 2000, using it as my main personnal OS since 2003, and a regular contributor since 2013. I’m a Debian Developer (with upload rights) since September 2019. I’m also a member of the following teams:


Training and Certifications

Qualifications (eg. BA Performing Arts)

Date Range (eg. 2016 - 2019)

Non-Académic Professional Training and Certifications

  • ITILv3 Foundation Certification (2009)
  • Implementing Cisco MPLS v2.2 (2008, part of CCNP)
  • Microsoft Exchange 2000 (2001, part of MSCP)

Lycée Champollion, Grenoble (France)


1996 - 1999

Filière Générale, série Littéraire (Majors in Musicology, Philosophy, Mathematics)

While this was mainly a Litterary cursus, I spent a lot of my free time teaching myself how to use a computer and Internet, discovered the concept of FOSS, installed my first Linux distribution, and spent probably too much time trying to make a high-end soundcard work with it - or on IRC on FOSS oriented channels.

A Little More About Me

Alongside my interests in open source, infrastructure and engineering, I’m also an avid reader, and enjoy performing arts and music. Also, if I have to go somewhere - or nowhere - I prefer doing it walking or riding a motorbike.